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Fully automate test development and publishing. Virtual Psychology Testing Program is a powerful Web-based application that provides item banking, version control, and advanced publishing options computer based test delivery.




Virtual Psychology Human Resources Center. We have a network of highly competent licensed psychologists and human resource professionals who provide a full range of occupational assessment services. These services include the development of "closed" tests, validation of existing assessment and selection and evaluation procedures.



Virtual Psychology Assessment Center

VP Assessment Center is the latest version of Psytec Corporation Internet Assessment Software. It can administer, score and generate reports on virtually any psychometric test, questionnaire and survey. The Assessment Center supports an impressive and expanding range of established assessment materials. It can be configured as a shell so that developers of tests, questionnaires and surveys can analyze, administer and interpret their own materials. Alternatively, existing and prospective test users can be supplied with access to wide choice of tests or test batteries pre-installed within the Assessment Center system. Enter Assessment Center Members' Secure Area  (Password Required)

Testing Program

Let Virtual Psychology centralize and warehouse your testing program. Secure internet access to this centralized repository empowers you to manage your testing program anyway you like. Put your testing program data at your fingertips! Read More


Test Drivers

Virtual Psychology has the most powerful Internet based test development platform. Supporting all platforms and browsers, the VP test drivers are completely compatible with our advanced test authoring system. With our extensible internet architecture, we can quickly enhance the developer to support new testing types and scoring algorithms. Read More

Scoring Program

Virtual Psychology scoring system provides Internet based tools to mange scoring programs. The scoring program automates the process of scoring tests, coding essays, and grading videos, audio, and other multimedia protocols. Using the Internet, you can quickly and efficiently complete the scoring process of your test. Read More


Scoring workshop for pyschometricians.

Join the beta test of the RAP3.

Educational Workshop

Do you distribute scores to schools? We can help! Our education workshop provides a complete solution for educational testing.

Qstat is a series of multiple tests simulation that intended to assist students with preparation to exams in the area of statistics and research methods.



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