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Rorschach Assistance Program
Virtual Psychology presents the new and improved online version of the Rorschach Assistance Program
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 Online Clinical Tests Battery 
Now you can have online access to a  complete set of most commonly used clinical tests. Virtual Psychology Clinical Tests Battery includes:
* Rorschach Inkblots Test
* TAT - Thematic Apperception Test
WAIS-III: Matrix Reasoning IQ Test
Bender Visual-Motor Gestalt Test
MMPI-2: Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory-2
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 Psych Statistics and Research 
Qstat is a series of multiple tests simulation that intended to assist students with preparation to exams in the area of statistics and research methods.
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 Educational Workshop 
Do you distribute scores to schools and institutions? We can help! Our education workshop provides a complete solution for educational testing.
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 Human Resources Center 
Virtual Psychology have a network of highly competent licensed psychologists and human resource professionals who provide a full range of occupational assessment services, consultancy and R&D.
We provide a full range R&D services to customize assessment and selection processes. These services can include the development of "closed" tests, validation of existing assessment and selection procedures.
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Virtual Psychology have an international network of partners. Our partners offer our full range of on-line services and products and our Internet based psychological solutions. We work closely with all our partners, providing the necessary support to help them penetrate their local markets. Being highly responsive to market demands, we are committed to developing products that meet local market needs.

RAP3 PartnersWe are looking for partners to join our RAP3 development team. The team is specially in need for translator and editorial members in English, Spanish, French and Chinese. Please use our online contact form to learn more about this opportunity.

Partners Showcase

Becoming a Partner

Exciting opportunities exist for new partners to join our fast growing international network of Internet based psychological services.

What we expect from you
  • A dedicated business
  • An in depth knowledge of the local psychological services environment
  • A commitment to using and selling our products
  • Competence in relevant areas of psychology (Organizational, Education, Clinical/Health, and Occupational/Industrial Psychology)
  • IT competence and dedication to integrate tech with psychology
What we offer you
  • Excellent terms to enable rapid market penetration
  • Access to our online products and services
  • Technical and professional support
  • Use of trademarks and proprietary brands
  • Customization of tests and software
  • Adaptation of materials to different needs and to different languages/cultures
  • Extensive research support

We currently have exclusive distributors in China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Indonesia, Philippines, New Zealand, Australia, Israel, South Africa, Russia, and Italy. We have non-exclusive distributors in a number of other countries.

We are committed to increasing our international representation. We have adapted materials into in a number of languages (including Dutch, French, Spanish, Italian, Greek, German, Chinese, Arabic, Hebrew and Indonesian) and we are continuing to extend the range of languages in which we offer assessment solutions.

Exclusive and non-exclusive distribution rights are available for a number of market sectors, regions and countries worldwide including US, UK and continental Europe.

The next Step
Please send us information about yourself and your business, addressing the points noted above using our online Contact Form.






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