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Rorschach Assistance Program
The new and revised online version of the Rorschach Assistance Program (RAP) is now available.
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 Online Clinical Tests Battery
Now you can have online access to a  complete set of most commonly used clinical tests. Virtual Psychology Clinical Tests Battery includes:
* Rorschach Inkblots Test
* TAT - Thematic Apperception Test
WAIS-III: Matrix Reasoning IQ Test
Bender Visual-Motor Gestalt Test
MMPI-2: Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory-2
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 Human Resources Center 
Virtual Psychology have a network of highly competent licensed psychologists and human resource professionals who provide a full range of occupational assessment services, consultancy and R&D.
We provide a full range R&D services to customize assessment and selection processes. These services can include the development of "closed" tests, validation of existing assessment and selection procedures.
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 Psych Statistics and Research 
Qstat is a series of multiple tests simulation that intended to assist students with preparation to exams in the area of statistics and research methods.
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 Testing  Program 

Put your testing program data at your fingertips!Let Virtual Psychology centralize and warehouse your testing program. Secure internet access to this centralized repository empowers you to manage your testing program anyway you like. Put your testing program data at your fingertips!
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Do you feel like your program is squeezed into a design that doesn't quite fit? At Virtual Psychology, we remember whose program it is! Features are tailored to your specifications including your look and feel. You can even private label your program and we become invisible to your constituents.
There is little doubt that the internet has revolutionized the use of psychometric testing. Any professional in the area would inevitably need to address the challenges that this mode of assessment poses to professional practice and the quality of measurement. Virtual Psychology provides a powerful portal to a range of tests and one of the most comprehensive choices of tests for both supervised and unsupervised administration. As such, we are in an excellent position to provide delegates with access to the full range of tests, all the latest research and objective overview of the risks and benefits of internet based testing. with that VP covers a diverged range of applications for mental health clinicians, educators, human resources personals, and occupational counselors. 


Testing Program

Virtual Psychology provides a wide range of services and software for the testing community. Understanding the complexities of developing, implementing, and managing a computer-based testing program is our specialty. From our secure internet-based testing channel and test-prep communities to our tools that automate the test development and delivery process, VP has the solution for you!

Flexible Delivery Options
Computer-based testing is rapidly moving from off-line, proprietary networks to internet-based, on-line testing. Internet-based test delivery reduces administrative costs and provides an architecture to eliminate distributing item banks, software, and test definitions. At ITS, We embrace this vision, and provide a clear transition path to the future of computer-based testing.

Secure Testes on the Internet
Internet delivery is the most secure, efficient, and cost effective computer-based testing model. When delivered in a secure environment, the internet is invisible to the test taker. As a test sponsor, delivery via the internet gives you unprecedented flexibility and control. The internet provides a centralized delivery system. With a centralized system you can quickly and easily add new features, update your items, eliminate old version control issues, and have instant access to your data.

Tools to Automate and Mange Your Program
We provide the service and technology to efficiently, flawlessly, and cost-effectively deliver your testing program. Develop your tests using Testing Program. Manage all aspects of your program using our Test Development tool and score your beta results using our Scoring Program.

Testing and Educational Workshops
Do you distribute tests to schools? Our Educational Workshop provides a complete solution for educators in schools, colleges and universities. More than just practice tests! Virtual Psychology provides a web-based virtual classroom where members take practice tests, obtain in-depth diagnostics, and receive support from advisors and other community members.
Competent use of psychometric instruments not only requires expertise in selecting, administering and scoring tests, but also the interpretation of the results within the assessment context. Virtual Psychology provides online Scoring Workshop training for psychometricians and test developers.    

Human Resources Center

Virtual Psychology comprehensive employment test portfolio includes assessments designed by leading experts in psychology, statistics, and psychometrics. Find out more about Virtual Psychology HR Center suite of employment tests to see if it has the aptitude, personality, behavior, and skills tests that meets your organization's pre-employment testing needs.

In Addition, VP HR Center offers easy-to-use Web-based solutions for evaluating employee performance. It provides online employee evaluation forms and software that work for companies of any size. The center was designed by HR professionals to help small to mid-sized companies streamline and improve employee performance reviews. It also provides platform to help you custom-design an appraisal process, and to write your own employee evaluation procedures.


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